18 Months: A Memoir

“Sophisticated work.” – Kyle Minor, author of Praying DrunkSalon.com columnist

“Moving and beautiful.” – Sue Scavo and Karla Van Vliet, editors and co-founders of Deluge Journal

“Beautifully written.” – Wouter Visser, Speaker Liaison for TEDx Maastricht

“Jamie is like a runaway train that Shannon throws herself off; she lands hard and breaks some bones. But she’s off the train now. She’s a survivor.” Nina Paley, animator; winner of 35 international film awards

“Heart-felt, revelatory, and compellingly important.” – Dr. Kevin C. Robbins, professor of Urban and Cultural History, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

“Riveting… I was so moved by it, I had no words.” – M.R., English Teacher

“You make us love you two together. Then it heads for such heartbreak.” – M.W., professor of English, Indiana Academy

“A damn good book… I found it hard to put down.” – Tegan Reiske, professor of English, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis